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Everyone wants to look young and beautiful. But there are a few things that your age can betray. In the first place – your teeth -  because a smile is a business card of a person, whether it be a woman or a man.
With age, the teeth darken and lose their natural whiteness, and even at a young age, having yellow plaque on the teeth does not give much pleasure. Especially if there are flaws such as cracks, chips, uneven teeth with large gaps and other defects.

Is it possible to fix these flaws without pain, and most importantly - with a lifetime warranty?

It is easy, in just 2 visits!

The premium class clinic Dental Club in Almaty offers you the choice of installing high-tech works of dental art:

Veneers are thin ceramic plates a fraction of a millimeter thick that are placed on the front teeth. This procedure is considered the most gentle and painless.

What do you get?

Veneers will help to hide various noticeable defects of the teeth, such as color, shape, and will close the gaps between the teeth. Most importantly, they do not lose color and do not become stained. Thus, your smile will become dazzling after the first procedure. Veneers have gained immense popularity among Hollywood stars, who always boast of their dazzling smile on the red carpet.

Lumineers - made of a special material and similar to veneers. Their main difference is that they are fixed on the outside of the tooth without turning. This method is ideal for owners of small teeth, between which there are gaps. If your teeth protrude more than usual, it is better utilise veneers.

What do you get?

Smooth and beautiful teeth. If your aesthetic problems with teeth are less serious (there are no chips on the teeth and their apparent curvature), then this is a very effective finishing touch to the dental restoration. Lumineers will be made for you in the laboratory of Cerinte, in California, USA.


High-quality ultra-thin ceramic veneers require filigree execution, as well as the most advanced equipment and innovative technologies.

The Dental Club clinic uses the highest quality materials and has its own dental laboratory. The veneers are installed under a dental microscope, which helps to avoid the smallest errors, and their reliable fix by a German bonding system increases the service life.

Our experts will restore your teeth so that it will be very difficult to distinguish them from ideal natural ones.

The good news for those who consider the procedure expensive is that there is no need to install veneers on all 32 teeth. It is enough to block the line of a smile, and these are 8 or 10 (ideally) teeth on each jaw. Accordingly, getting a real Hollywood smile will be cheaper than you think. In Almaty with the Dental Club clinic, the perfect snow-white smile has ceased to be something unique - it will stay with you forever! Remember, owners of a beautiful smile, as a rule, are happier in business and happier in life. The choice is yours!