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The radiant smile of the bride is the best decoration of the wedding.

Modern orthodontics is a real art. An orthodontist, in detail to an artist or sculptor, gives the beauty and impeccability to your smile. Nowadays, orthodontics is a dynamically developing science that helps adults and children acquire straight teeth and a beautiful smile. Now the most advanced achievements are available in Almaty - in the Dental Club clinic. There an experienced orthodontist will provide qualified advice and talk about the application of these techniques in your case.

It's no secret that irregularly growing teeth or malocclusion are often the cause of complexes in their owners. But the aesthetic side of the issue is far from the only and not the main difficulty. The fact is that an incorrect bite directly affects the general condition of the body - the temporomandibular joint and periodontium suffer, which can lead to tooth loss. With a malocclusion, it is more difficult to maintain oral hygiene, which increases the risk of tooth decay. In addition, malocclusion often causes pathological abrasion of teeth and other complications. So, bite correction is very important for the health and mood of the patient.


With a confident smile, luck will smile at your business!

An orthodontist at the Dental Club Clinic - a specialist who has cured hundreds of grateful patients - will diagnose, determine a treatment plan and support you throughout the course. Our clinic offers various technologies and techniques for occlusal correction in children and adults, removable and fixed structures.

Fixed structures include bracket systems: vestibular, lingual, sapphire and others. Vestibular braces are fixed on the outer surface of the teeth and have their own advantages. Unlike the vestibular, lingual braces are attached to the dentition from the inside and therefore less visible to others. Sapphire braces when attached to the teeth take the color of enamel, which makes them the most “invisible”.

Metal braces offer their consumers not only a good result, but also a variety of colors. Decorated with multi-colored ligatures, they will give individuality to their owner. Color braces are especially interesting for children and adolescents.

For those who are often away and cannot visit the orthodontist every month, we offer self-ligating braces of the latest generation - Damon.


Removable structures include orthodontic plates, trainers and eliners.

Orthodontic plates are designed to align the teeth and bite for the very young and early shift stage of development. We have a wide selection of color plates decorated with various patterns, which will be perceived with joy and interest by the child. Records with spider-man, flowers and butterflies will delight your baby and turn treatment into a fun procedure.

An orthodontic trainer is a removable device that is used to align teeth and dentitions. It contributes to the development of muscle tone and normalizes breathing, which positively affects the formation of the correct bite.

The Dental Club clinic uses the latest computer technology to align teeth and dentitions with the use of eliners. Eliners are a custom-made transparent mouthguard that is fixed to the entire dentition of the upper or lower jaw and corrects most of the anomalies. In each mouthguard, tooth movements are programmed using the pressure exerted on the teeth.


This type of treatment has several advantages:

  • The predicted result. The system is based on 3D technology that allows you to accurately plan treatment and step by step demonstrate the movement of teeth up to the final result.
  • Aesthetics. The mouthguards are completely transparent and invisible.
  • Painlessness. Mouthguards have a very delicate effect on the teeth.
  • The minimum adaptation period. After 1-2 days, you get used to the mouth guard and stop feeling it on your teeth.
  • The shortest time of treatment.

Thanks to innovative technologies and the great practical experience of our doctors, patients at the Dental Club dental clinic have the opportunity to undergo treatment in comfortable conditions and in the shortest possible time, which is important for a busy modern person striving for success.

Difficulties will be forgotten, and the happiness of having a perfect smile will remain forever. Make an appointment with a doctor orthodontist right now, because without a smile it is impossible to live a happy life!