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Zygomatic implantation is one of the latest achievements of modern implantology. It is possible even in cases where other methods are powerless. This type of implantation has a high degree of reliability and a number of other important and significant advantages.

Zygomatic implantation is fundamentally different from that used for decades and the popular maxillary implantation. In the latter case, implants are implanted in the jaw bone, and the prosthesis (removable or non-removable) rests on these implants. But such a common method is, is not applicable for a number of objective medical factors.

What is the meaning of the zygomatic implantation method? With this method, the implants that serve as the basis for the future denture of the upper jaw are not implanted in the jaw bone, but in the zygomatic bone. The fixation in the zygomatic bone is more reliable due to the differences in the bone tissue of the jaw and cheekbones. The zygomatic bone is stronger and not susceptible to atrophy, which cannot be said about the jaw bone. So, for example, in the case when the patient lost a significant part of his teeth and was in this condition for a long time, the jaw bone is usually thinned. Therefore, the possibility and effectiveness of the method of maxillary implantation is in question. But zygomatic implantation is an excellent option, which has almost no side-effects.

IMPORTANT. The implantation procedure itself is performed in one day. A complete adaptation to your new smile occurs in a period not exceeding two weeks from the start of treatment.


You should seek advice on zygomatic implantation if:

• You have lost most or all of your upper jaw teeth.
• You are tired or cannot wear a removable denture.
• You were denied implantation at other clinics.
• You can’t wait for months after repeated bone tissue surgeries.
• You want to leave the dentist on the day of surgery with a restored smile.

Why, deciding on the method of zygomatic implantation, should you contact our clinic? Zygomatic implantation in our Dental Club clinic is the very case when you really do not have to leave the country in search of high-quality medical care. Now the German quality standard is available directly in Almaty, within the walls of the Dental Club clinic.


For this, our specialists have been trained in the best European centers. The latest knowledge, replenished with experience and increased by love for our cause, is a guarantee of success for all our patients.

The factory warranty on Zygoma zygomatic implants is lifetime. We, as a partner of the manufacturer, also assume all responsibility associated with the application of this method. Turning to us, you will get a comprehensive understanding of the method, its features and results.
Call us right now and learn more about the opportunity to get the smile of your dreams, and you will never be disappointed.