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Perfectly white teeth are today the privilege of not only famous people, but also an important element in the image of any person.

The ZOOM whitening procedure in the Dental Club dental clinic will allow you to become the owner of a bright and dazzling smile, like the movie stars of Hollywood! The American methodology is painless, safe, and most importantly - high efficiency. In just one hour, under the supervision of an experienced doctor, in a comfortable environment you will find the shade of tooth enamel that you have chosen for yourself on a special VITA color scale.

Professional whitening with the ZOOM-4 device at the Dental Club clinic in Almaty makes it possible to lighten the surface of tooth enamel by 4-10 orders of magnitude. During the bleaching process, a two-component gel and a specific radiation wavelength are used. The method does not have any side effects, that is, it does not damage the integrity of the enamel and does not destroy the tooth - whitening is now available for sensitive teeth!

At the last stage of whitening, a remineralizing gel with microelements is applied to the surface of tooth enamel, which helps to consolidate the achieved result. In addition to teeth whitening, the procedure involves cleansing of tartar, plaque, prevention of periodontal disease and removal of extraneous pigments, including after treatment with bracket systems. Subject to all doctor's recommendations, the result of the popular ZOOM-4 bleaching procedure is preserved for many years.


ZOOM whitening technology is developed in the USA and has advantages:

  •  High efficiency. Your smile will become brighter to 10 tones.
  •  Uniqueness. Eliminates defects that other types of whitening can not cope with. For example, the pigment on the restored teeth.
  •  Save time. The procedure takes 1 visit to the dentist and lasts no more than 1 hour.
  •  Gentle system. There is no risk of gum injury, destruction of enamel and increase its sensitivity.
  •  Security. Due to the fluorine and calcium that make up the gel, this technology is not only harmless to the teeth, on the contrary, it strengthens the enamel, making the teeth healthy and shiny.
  •  Painlessness. The procedure does not require the use of anesthesia.
  •  Durability. You can enjoy the result of whitening for 3-5 years.



So that after whitening ZOOM-4 your teeth remain white and shiny for a long time, it is important to exclude factors that cause enamel darkening:

  •  Tobacco smoke, whose components accumulate in the enamel and cause its rapid darkening
  •  Black tea, coffee and drinks based on them
  •  Chocolate, wine and products containing bright colors
  •  Poor, fluorinated drinking water
  •  Sparkling water and juices. The acidity of these drinks can destroy enamel
  •  Lack of minerals and vitamins
  •  Reception of solutions from herbs and drugs. Replace these syrups and tinctures with their clear or white counterparts.

Despite the apparent simplicity, the method has many subtleties and only professionals are to trust the implementation of the procedure. Specialists of the Dental Club dental clinic in Almaty have many years of experience in conducting ZOOM whitening, which guarantees a 100% result.

Do you want to have white teeth, like world celebrities?
Make your dream a reality and you will see how much your life will change for the better!