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A person is a three-dimensional creature, but on x-rays we get a two-dimensional image. Very often during dental treatment it is necessary to be able to use a high-precision three-dimensional image of the examined area.

The Dental Club Dental Clinic in Almaty conducts 3D X-ray diagnostics using the latest generation of equipment. The PlanmecaProMax 3DMid computer tomograph is one of the best in Kazakhstan and our patients can be sure of the diagnosis results.

This is the latest diagnostic equipment that meets the highest safety standards, provides the maximum information content of research. Thanks to the capabilities of this device, you can create a virtual patient in 3D, which allows us to solve the most complex clinical problems.

Dental Club clinic specialists will show you three-dimensional visualization and analysis of jaw movements in real time. The intelligent tomography system is designed to produce crystal clear images at an incredibly low dose of radiation.


The Dental Club Dental Clinic is proud of the innovative DIAGNOcam (KaVo, Germany), which opens up completely new possibilities in the diagnosis of cavities. The use of this digital technology allows to detect the location and depth of the various defect in the most inaccessible places, in full. Each patient can see the image of the oral cavity and the video right in front of them, on the screen! An important role is also played by the absence of x-rays. Due to such exclusive technologies, we now carry out diagnostics on a completely new level!

DentalClub is:

  • Comfort - we value the time of each patient. You can easily sign up at any time convenient for you and go through a complete examination quickly, in one place.
  • Quality - each image undergoes a multi-stage quality control, which allows the doctor to fully examine any anatomical object in the maxillofacial region at any angle and in all planes.
  • Safety - all studies in our clinic allow you to get 100% information with the minimum doses of radiation exposure.
  • Qualified medical staff - our doctors are constantly improving their skills in leading clinics in Europe and have international certificates.

Everyone knows that the correct and timely diagnosis is the basis for the successful treatment of any disease. Be sure that the studies conducted in our clinic will give accurate and comprehensive information about the condition of your teeth.

All studies are stored in the electronic archive of the Dental Club clinic and are available upon request.