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Dental clinic Dental Club was created on the basis of an existing clinic that has been operating in Almaty for over 17 years. Over the years, tremendous experience has been gained, which was one of the key success factors!

The new clinic was created in close partnership with colleagues from Germany - from the design and selection of medical equipment to the development of parts for medical furniture. We use the latest generation equipment from leading European manufacturers from Germany, Switzerland and Finland.

Our goal is to provide patients with treatment in Almaty that meets the best international standards. So that a person of any age, without leaving the country, could receive high-quality dental care. We not only treat, but also take care of the dental culture of our patients, because health begins with the oral cavity. It is important for us to help the patient, and not just provide him with a paid medical service.

The main principle of the Dental Club clinic is the maximum preservation of the patient’s own teeth, because there is nothing better than a natural tooth. There is no “no guarantee” treatment for us - if all the doctor’s recommendations are followed, the restorations we have established will serve you for many years.

The specialists of the Dental Club Clinic are professionals in the narrow areas of dentistry, due to which, each of them copes with a specific task in the best way.

Dental Club is one of the best dental clinics in Almaty, creating beauty and small masterpieces daily. Dentistry for us is an art where the doctor as a sculptor brings to life your beautiful and free smile!